If you make the switch to an electric vehicle, then you can say goodbye to having to stop at a gas station near Winter Haven ever again, among other benefits. This is because electric cars don't have an internal combustion engine and don't require gasoline as fuel, but does this mean that they're more reliable than gasoline-powered vehicles? Electric vehicles have significantly less moving parts than gasoline-powered and even hybrid vehicles, but does electric car reliability outlast that of other kinds of vehicles? Learn about what you can expect from an electric car in terms of reliability and maintenance with the service team at Subaru Lakeland. Then, visit our dealership to explore our current inventory and take any of our electric vehicles for a test drive.

Maintenance That Isn't Required of Electric Vehicles 

Electric vehicles allow you to cut out the need for fuel costs, saving you significant money and time from stopping at the gas stations near Winter Haven, but that's not the only way electric vehicles can help you save. As mentioned earlier, electric vehicles don't have an internal combustion engine and require less moving parts than a gasoline-powered vehicle or even a hybrid. This means you'll no longer have to have the following services: 

  • Oil changes 
  • Cooling system flushes 
  • Engine air filters
  • Gasket replacements 
  • Belt replacements
  • Spark plugs 
  • And so much more! 

Not only are electric cars reliable, but they also brake more slowly than gas-powered cars due to their regenerative braking technology. For more service and parts tips, visit our website, or reach out to anyone on our team. 

Required Maintenance for Electric Vehicles

When you compare electric car reliability to that of gas-powered vehicles or even hybrids, the required maintenance is significantly less for electric vehicles. However, there are still moving parts and fluids inside electric vehicles that need to be serviced and maintained. To give you an idea of what it will take to maintain your electric vehicle and keep it running like new on the Bartow roads, here are some required maintenance tasks for electric vehicles:

  • Battery: Your electric vehicle's battery charge capacity will decrease over time with more use. Regularly driving on a low battery can significantly decrease its charging capability and cause it to wear down faster. 
  • Tires: Due to their heavier frames and larger batteries compared to gas-powered vehicles, electric vehicles weigh more than gas-powered cars and also deliver near-instant torque. This will cause your tires to wear down faster than other vehicles, so you'll want to be sure to have your tires regularly rotated, aligned, and serviced. 
  • Fluids: Electric vehicles still need to have fluids like coolant, brake fluid, and windshield wiper fluid replaced. 
  • Software: The software inside electric vehicles will need to be updated regularly, so it can continue to run efficiently over time. 

Schedule service with our team at Subaru Lakeland to keep your electric vehicle running like new. 

Experience Electric Car Reliability in Lakeland

Now that you know that electric cars are reliable, you hopefully feel more confident about making the switch to an electric car for your daily commute and future travels. Contact us to learn more about electric cars and get all of your questions answered. 

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