Many Lakeland and Lakeland Highlands drivers are making the switch to an electric vehicle due to a number of compelling benefits. If you have also been thinking about adopting the EV lifestyle, you may have questions about electric car service. Do electric cars need oil? Do electric cars have a transmission? Subaru Lakeland answers these questions and more in the guide below. 

1. Do Electric Cars Need Oil?

No. Vehicles that are powered by electricity alone will not need motor oil because they do not feature traditional gasoline-powered combustion engines. The purpose of motor oil is to lubricate the moving parts of an engine. If there's no engine, no oil is necessary

Please note: If you drive a hybrid vehicle, it will still need regular oil changes. 

2. Do Electric Cars Have Horsepower?

Yes, EVs have horsepower. However, you may not always see it labeled as such. Some automakers measure the power of their EVs as "KW," but there isn't much of a difference between the two. 

Did you know that you can use Google to search "kw to hp?" When you do, you will find a converter at the top of the results page that tells you exactly how much horsepower an EV produces if the automaker measures power in KW. 

3. Do Electric Cars Have a Transmission?

Electric cars do have a transmission, but an EV transmission is a bit different. EV transmissions do not need multiple speeds. Electric motors produce the same amount of torque regardless of RPM within a specific range. EVs produce power immediately, and Winter Haven drivers will not have to change gears. 

4. Do Electric Cars Have Alternators?

No. Electric vehicles and hybrids are equipped with a DC-to-DC converter. The purpose of a DC-to-DC converter is to recharge the 12-volt battery using power from the battery pack. 

5. Do Electric Cars Have Catalytic Converters?

No, catalytic converters are also not needed to power an electric vehicle. The job of a catalytic converter is to remove the byproducts of internal combustion engines. Because an EV does not have an internal combustion engine, a catalytic converter is also obsolete. 

6. Do Electric Cars Have Exhaust Systems? 

No fuel burns to power an EV, so an exhaust system is not required. 

7. Do Electric Cars Have Heaters/Do Electric Cars Have Air Conditioning? 

An EV will still have heating and air conditioning, so you will always be comfortable as you commute around Bartow and Lake Wales. 

8. Do Electric Cars Last Longer Than Gas Cars? 

Did you know that electric cars often cost less to maintain than gasoline-powered vehicles? They also generally last longer with fewer repairs. The lack of moving parts within an EV greatly increases their longevity. While they will still need regular maintenance, those service visits are fewer and further between. 

Experience Top-Notch Electric Car Service at Subaru Lakeland

If you have additional questions about electric car service, do not hesitate to reach out to the automotive experts at Subaru Lakeland. We would also be happy to answer any questions you may have about EV ownership in the Auburndale area.

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