So, you've just driven home with your new Subaru vehicle, and you've discovered it's equipped with AVH. Great! But, like a lot of Lakeland drivers, y-ou have questions. For instance, what is Subaru AVH exactly? In short, Subaru AVH is a great safety feature that will keep your vehicle from rolling down hills or through a red light. What does Subaru AVH stand for? Subaru Lakeland answers that below, as well as explains why you need this impressive feature and when you would use it.

What Does Subaru AVH Stand For?

So, what does Subaru AVH stand for? "AVH" stands for "Auto Vehicle Hold." It's named that because it holds your car in place when it comes to a stop. This feature was launched in 2018 on the Subaru WRX Limited and replaced the Hill Holder and Hill Start Assist features, as AVH is far more capable than either of those two features. Let's talk about how Subaru AVH works and when Winter Haven drivers would use it.

What is Subaru AVH Used For?

What function does Subaru AVH serve? It's easy to stop a car on a steep hill and forget to engage the parking brake. Maybe you get distracted and take your foot off of the pedal while stopped at a red light at a busy Lakeland Highlands intersection. The latter can especially be a problem for drowsy drivers. Either scenario can end in a nasty accident. AVH prevents this by holding the car in place whenever you come to a stop, even if your foot should leave the gas pedal. The feature automatically disengages and releases the car once you press the gas pedal, seamlessly transitioning to acceleration. If you'd rather not use this feature, it's easy to turn off Subaru AVH, although we still think it's a neat little feature to have and is sure to help keep drivers safer.

Learn More About AVH at Subaru Lakeland 

We have plenty of vehicles equipped with AVH at Subaru Lakeland. You should come see them in our showroom. There are plenty of reasons to buy your next car from us. We offer some great new vehicle specials and will even let you get pre-approved for financing before you get here. We're just down the road from Bartow, so stop by or contact Subaru Lakeland today!

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